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Compass Adjuster - Australia, inspects and adjusts magnetic compasses to ensure they work properly and comply with relevant marine regulations. 

Employing modern technologies, such as GPS compass to determine the vessel's heading, adjustments can be conducted night or day, rain or shine. This permits the compass adjustment to be scheduled with confidence and without interfering with the vessel's principal marine activity.

We have an AMSA licensed adjuster resident in Gippsland and Hobart. In addition we have associates operating independently servicing other areas.  Brisbane's Moreton Bay

To deliver this cost effective service, Compass Adjuster records the location and "due by" date of requested compass adjustments. Compass adjustment requests are grouped into location and time clusters.  This overview allows for efficient scheduling of adjustments.  

We invite you to contact us or register your vessel to benefit from the cost saving and survey compliance that our coordinated compass adjusting delivers.

The information on the register is only used for scheduling compass adjustments efficiently and is not passed on to a third party.


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