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Far North Queensland North Queensland Central Queensland South East Queensland Mooloolaba Brisbane Gold Coast Northern New South Wales Central New South Wales Southern New South Wales Melbourne

Licensed Compass Adjusters


  North Queensland - Cairns & Townsville

     Captain Raymond Pincott


    Central Queensland - Mackay

       Various Outport Adjusters 


      South East Queensland - Gladstone

           Equinox Marine


       Mooloolaba    Captain Christopher Cole


       Gold Coast Captain Peter Dann


     Northern New South Wales 

      Gavin Tonks


  Central New South Wales - Newcastle

  Captain Malcolm Goodfellow


Southern New South Wales - Sydney

Captain David Pyett



South Victoria - Melbourne                        East Victoria - Gippsland

Captain Ken Murray                                                                 Sam Chapman


West Victoria & South Australia

Andrew Laslett

Northern Territory - Darwin

Paul Williams


For other areas, please contact us. 

Compass Adjuster attending US Coast Guard Cutter

It benefits all parties if small vessel operators co-ordinate their compass adjustments with other vessels in that location.


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